An introduction to mockups and how to use them to bring your designs a step closer to reality.

Mock-up simply means to showcase a design concept without actually bringing the design to life physically, portraying what the finished product will look like.

Mockups are an essential aspect of any design process and most consumers demand them before making any commitment on any product or service. It’s therefore very important to be familiar with what they are. This can be a logo, banner or flier. The mock-up, therefore, portrays what the finished product will look like when it is eventually brought to life and this, therefore, gives both the designer and the consumer a wonderful opportunity to edit or modify the design to suit their specific requirements or preferences. In short, mock-ups simply transform digital ideas and present them in a realistic context.

With which software should I open mockups from ?

Usually mockups that we feature are in Photoshop format. That being said, you should have Photoshop cs6 or higher version installed in your pc/mac in order to open and use psd mockups.

A good tutorial on how to use & what are mockups, is here in this video below.